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Holiday feeling at home. Feel-good oases with geraniums.

Traveling is interesting and exciting. You discover new places and meet new people, broadening your horizon along the way. But spending your holidays at home can also be a great experience and with little effort can offer wonderful relaxation. This applies all the more if have a balcony, terrace or garden of your own, as these can be turned into colourful feel-good oases in no time with green and...

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How a low-maintenance South African plant brightens urban life with floral colourt

Say the word geranium and many will automatically think of profusely flowering balcony boxes on traditional Bavarian houses. But the pelargonium – the technical term for geranium – is not just at home in the country. Thanks to its many colour, flower and leaf variations as well as low maintenance resilience, it transforms urban balconies, terraces and courtyards into colourful feel-good oases....

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A versatile blooming wonder: The many manifestations of pelargonium

The pelargonium (the technical term for geranium) is the star of flowering balcony plants. Geraniums bloom continuously, are hardy and easy-care, and dazzle in many varieties and forms. Geraniums are divided into different groups, each containing a number of varieties. Aside from the instantly recognisable trailing and upright classics, there are also interspecific geraniums, regal geraniums,...

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How to care for your geraniums

A good sized pot, suitable location and sufficient water are all a geranium needs to flourish. This versatile South African plant is remarkably hardy and easy-care, making it an ideal choice for those who love surrounding themselves with an abundance of flowers and particularly if they don’t have much time for plant care. To enjoy geraniums at their blooming best all summer long, these are the...

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Did you know …? - Ten surprising facts about geraniums

Geraniums have been popular ever since the day of our great grandmothers. As early as the 19thth century these summer beauties adorned balconies, terraces and garden all over Europe. But anyone who thinks there isn’t anything interesting left to say about the classic of bedding and balcony plants should think again. This text reveal ten little known facts about the geranium.

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